Casting and AirPlay

VideoTool uses JW Player for its transmissions and OTT solutions.
JW Player is Google Cast Ready in all editions. 

How it works
Casting allows viewers to send videos to a different screen while using their device as a remote control. 

Casting is supported in Google Chrome (Android and Desktop) via Chromecast and in Safari (iOS and macOS) via AirPlay. 
Casting is not supported in any other browser. 

Once the JW Player detects a Cast Ready device or an AppleTV on the network, either a Cast icon or AirPlay icon appears in the control bar to let viewers know they can display their content on a TV. 

The JW Player within the browser becomes a remote control for viewing media on a TV screen.

Q: Why can't I see the Chromecast symbol in the Player?

A: Your device might not support chomecasting or you are using a browser that does not run chromecasting. Please, read list of requirements above, thank you.

- - - 

Q: Hvad do I do if the cast is broken?

A: Reload your browser and establish a new cast.

- - -

Q: Why can't I Chromecast using Safari or Firefox?

A: Safari and Firefox doesn't support chromecasting - but you can use Safari for AirPlay.

- - -

Q: Can I AirPlay with Safari only?

A: Yes, no other browser supports Apple TV.